A woman putting hot pink clothing into the washing machine.

Washing Guide

With challenges like muddy footprints, tea stains, delicate fabrics and cuddly toys, doing the washing isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like. That’s why we’ve compiled expert clothes washing tips to cover almost any laundry conundrum – from the best temperature to wash clothes at to the recommended hand-washing technique. Get the help you need right here.

The best temperature to wash clothes at depends on the fabric, so always make sure you check the care label beforehand. The advanced formula of Breeze detergent is just as effective at cold wash temperatures so switch the water temperature to 30°C for standard washed and go green!

Separating your laundry into similar colours is a fail-safe way to keep whites white and colours vibrant. Use Breeze with a cold wash temperature to further minimise the chances of colour run. Keep your colours bright and beautiful with Breeze. 

Delicate fabrics like silk and wool often require handwashing and that means using a detergent designed for this purpose. Explore our tips on mastering the handwashing technique and don’t forget to check clothing care labels to see which parts of your wardrobe need extra TLC.

Breeze detergents are tough on stains, but sometimes you need a helping hand. Pre-treat extra stubborn stains and follow our stain removal tips to learn the best stain removal methods to get your clothes clean. Explore our laundry tips and tricks section to learn more.